Market Social is leading name in IT industry in Australia for providing quality services to its clients with affordable pricing. We serve our clients with the services of search engine optimization, social media optimization, web development and android app development.

What We Do

Market Social seeks to develop marketing concepts with other approaches such as, using social media to expand their customer following and increase the recognition of their brand. Many companies use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which are now run by Google, to advertise their product and/or services. Google is major winner when it comes to advertising; Studies show that 96 per cent of their profit comes from the paid advertising that Google provides to companies that is why many companies prefer to either create a Facebook page or a Twitter account or use Market Social. There are many benefits with using market social, these benefits include; as mentioned above; an increased brand recognition, higher conversion rates; which allows the company to interact on a human level with the customer without actual any face to face contact, Market social also increases customer loyalty due to regular interactions with the customers. Another benefit of market social is the decreased marketing costs for the company itself, websites such as Facebook allow companies to create pages which are free of charge and through that many companies advertise and promote their products and/or services, Just like any other company, Facebook has its competitors and its main competitor is Twitter.

Why Choose Us

Over 13,800,000 Australian are on Facebook and 2,791,300 of them are using Twitter. Social media is the cheapest and quickest method to market your business compared to the traditional marketing. Our goal is to get you qualified lead at the cheapest possible price. With our special package increase your visibility in all social media channels
Inbound and content marketing are a best way to improve the visibility in the search engine. Not only it helps in better visibility but also helps in creating a buzz about the brand. Perhaps, this is the reason why inbound marketing is replacing SEO gradually. Our CRO team will ensure high visibility and reach Australia wide.
Reach your targatted audience quickly with PPC (pay per click) campaigns. We specialize in Google adwords, Facebook and 7search (2nd tier) PPC campaigns. To achieve optinal ROI we do tons of testing with titles, images, description, CTA buttons and several other important aspect of the campaigns. With marketsocial, you are guaranteed to pay lowest amount on campaigns.
Want to know the nitty gritty of your potential market? Ask our experts anything and we will gladly reveal inside information to ensure you get maximum understanding. Get advantage of free consultancy for ecommerce, small and large business owners.
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